Spectacular Mountain Trekking

This trekking is a unique opportunity for tourists to discover a nearly untouched side of Bali while hiking through breathtaking landscapes. Women from the upper most villages of Muntigunung guide visitors over the former begging path across the mountains and into their hamlets. Hikers not only get to see and learn more about our projects but physically experience what it means to live in this hot and dry area. One can only image how it must feel to carry 10, 15 liters of water for hours in this extreme climate. An experience that truly touches and motivates many guests to financially support our work.

In fall 2011, we were recognized by the international tourism organization SKAL (www.skal.org) for this innovative idea and project. The award for ‘Sustainable Development in Tourism’ was given us for the exemplary approach to involve key stakeholders actively and emotionally into the problem solving solutions in Muntigunung.

Please visite : http://www.zukunft-fuer-kinder.ch/en/projekte/trekking2/